Photoshopped (i.e. fake) family photos of Barack Obama published on his official web sites!

This is the first of a series of photos planned for this page. Even if you are NOT an anti-Obama conspiracy theorist, the photo on the left should serve as an indicator that all is not well, or even normal, in Obamaville.

We call this photo “Obama’s Little Photoshop of Horrors”. This photo was copied DIRECTLY from a photo that is CURRENTLY published on Obama's OFFICIAL Facebook re-election page. The ONLY alteration we made was to zoom in, do a screen capture, crop that screen capture, paste it as an inset at the bottom right, and we put a border around the inset. Then we resized it smaller to fit this page. The larger version is found here (feel free to copy or link to the larger version of this photo!). Otherwise, this is 100% unaltered from the photo published by Obama,

Some claim that the dark hand is due to a shadow. (For example, on this page, Media Matters makes that claim and then actually makes fun of those claiming this was photoshopped! Amazing! And we INVITE you to compare their snarky and sarcastic ramblings to the expert analysis here. HINT: The Frank Marshall Davis part of this discussion is a “side show” that MM uses as a convenient distraction!)

There are four reasons why a shadow and/or lighting could NOT account for this hand being black:

(1) If you'll look at the zoomed in screen capture, notice the dark shadow at the top of the hand that the hand is casting upon the shirt. You can even dimly, but clearly, see stripes of Obama's shirt showing dimly in that shadow, proving that it is a translucent shadow and NOT “more hand.” (You can’t see through a hand! In contrast, shadows are often translucent.) The ONLY way the hand could have cast that shadow upon the shirt is if the hand itself were well lit.

(2) For this hand to have cast such a shadow upon Obama's shirt places most of the visible portion of this hand slightly, yet distinctly, in front of Obama, NOT under his armpit. This proves that it was well exposed to room lighting.

(3) If the hand was in a shadow, then how does that shadow magically contour to the shape of the hand, leaving other adjacent parts of Obama's shirt quite bright?

(4) Notice how fair/white mama’s arm is to begin with. It would take extreme darkness to make that fair a complexion of skin to appear so dark. (Then consider the 2nd point above where it was proven that most of the visible portion of the hand was “well exposed to room lighting.”) Also, the little girl and the older white man BOTH (a) have skin tones which are NOT nearly so fair-complected as mama, and (b) both of them are standing VERY close behind Obama, causing them to be somewhat in Obama’s shadow. That makes comparisons of their skin tone to mama’s skin tone an “apples-to-oranges” comparison.

Additional observations:

Notice that the hand is a man-sized hand, and other photos Obama has released of his mother do NOT show her to have unusually large hands.

Furthermore, Mama’s arm is at an angle that is ~45 degree DIFFERENT from the orientation of the fist. The arm is oriented exactly as if her hand (the one attached to THAT arm) were clutching a flagpole that is at a 90 degree angle to the ground. Try this yourself by grabbing a broomstick that is perfectly perpendicular to the ground and holding it close to your belly. Notice the angle of your hand and arm? You’ll see that this position matches mama’s arm, but doesn’t match her black fist. Instead, Mama’s fist is actually ~45 degrees off from that position. Her black fist is angled like a poker player who is hiding her cards from an opponent who is walking behind her as he returns to the poker table. Each position is exclusive. You can’t have BOTH your clenched fist at the angle shown in the photo AND still have your arm at the angle shown in the photo, or vice-versa. That is physiologically impossible. The wrist can move back and forth, and side-to-side, but cannot rotate (consider a car axle’s rotation--THAT is what we're talking about!). Such rotation is accomplished at the elbow, rotating the arm and hand in tandem. (UPDATE: Recently, in the comments section for the original photo posted on Obama’s FB page, someone trying to argue against the analysis found here inadvertantly/mistakenly pointed out the following: If this hand was tilted at an angle that matched the arm it is attached to, then the thumb would almost certainly be visible! Yet the thumb is NOT visible. We are grateful to that person for helping to prove our point, even if they didn't intend to provide such service.)

Plus, mama’s forearm is disproportionately long! You can see that when you view the panned back (i.e. NOT zoomed in) photo.

Also, notice the very bright light (like outside light) hitting Mama’s right side (our left)... and notice how “washed out” she looks, as if she were from a different photo! Perhaps that was copied from a photo taken outside on a sunny day? Yet, mysteriously, the right side of Obama's face (our left) is somehow missing that bright light. Instead, the light hitting his face is distinctly LESS bright and from head-on (i.e. NOT from the side). Yet, according to the positioning of her black fist, mama is standing mere inches away from Obama! For that to be legitimate, there would need to be an extremely tall window nearby where bright sunlight shined through and hit mama, but missed Obama. However, for THAT to happen, there would ALSO need to be a resulting shadow across the floor, showing that bright sunlight cutting off between mama and Obama. Such does NOT exist! (The original photo Obama published, without the inset, shows this better--and even that attempt at an explanation is already “a stretch!”) Therefore, the lighting can ONLY be explained by photoshopping.

Here is why mama is NOT wearing dark gloves: Others claim this is due to her wearing dark brown gloves. That is also impossible because, when you look at the close-up, notice that the bare knuckles have a lighter skin tone, as naturally occurs when a fist is clenched. THAT couldn’t happen if this was due to wearing dark brown gloves, even tight fitting ones. (You can also just barely make out some tendons and/or veins at the top of the hand, going from the knuckles to the wrist, shaped in a way that is natural for the back of a bare hand.)

Therefore, this was a photoshopped photo intended to hide the identity of the person to whom that black hand belongs. Or, another possibility is that they were not trying to hide the black man, but simply needed this image of Obama copied from another real photo to create this fake one?

Some have speculated that the hand belongs to Frank Marshall Davis. But even if that is true, that does NOT prove that Davis is Obama’s real father, as some believe. Certainly, (1) ONLY creepy people need to create fake family photos, and (2) whoever photoshopped this made a HUGE dumb mistake (or was trying to get Obama caught?). At the least, this is further evidence of Obama creating fake family photos to back up an embellished biography. Various allegations, floating around the Internet, of such photoshopping in official Obama family photos... now seem to have been validated by this very obviously-photoshopped photo.

Does the existence of this photo PROVE that EVERY conspiracy theory about Obama is true? OF COURSE NOT! ...but maybe... maybe... this proves that there is more going on here than many realize. Maybe, at least one of those theories has more truth to it than many thought possible? Think about it!


BONUS: here is a documentary about abuses and fraud used by Obama operatives in the 2008 Democrat primary to defeat Hillary Clinton. MANY eyewitness accounts... most from Hillary-supporting democrats. WATCH...then SHARE... and feel free to copy this text for your posts about this. Hillary Clinton would have probably won the 2008 Democrat Primary if it had been conducted fairly! (When you arrive at that site, click the play icon in the lower left corner of the video box.)